At the heart of Pinnacle is a passion for customer service. We recognize the importance of care and professionalism required when representing you, and interacting with car-owners. They will feel confident that their car is in good hands with the Pinnacle team, allowing them to fully appreciate their day or evening.

Our desire to please is built on a foundation of organizational management. Aside from putting a smile on your guests' faces, our core competency is understanding the art and science of valet. The who, what, when, where, why and how of moving vehicles efficiently in and out of your venue is truly our specialty.

It is our hope that after an evening supported by Pinnacle Valet you will personally believe there is absolutely no better team for the job. If you’re curious what we may be able to do for you, please ask us to come by for a parking assessment and allow us to get an understanding of how our valet services may be able to play a role for you.   

Tim Percy was a valued member of the Guest Services Team at Hotel Arts for several years. He made a noticeable impact on the guest experience with his warm personality, quick responsiveness and attentiveness to guest needs, and being a knowledgeable hospitality ambassador for our brand as well as Calgary. Tim received much praise from many guests during his tenure at Hotel Arts for consistently providing exemplary service. To that end, he was nominated repeatedly for Tourism Calgary White Hat Awards – the pinnacle of hospitality recognition in Calgary.

In my capacity overseeing the Sales and Marketing Teams for our property, I would frequently brief Tim on the incoming VIPs or groups because I knew that he would take exceptionally good care of them. He was my “go to guy” for handling unique and special requests as he could be relied upon to make our guests feel special and to ensure that all the nuances of their arrival and departure experience were well attended to.

Tim is reliable, resourceful, attentive and proud to provide exceptional service to his clients. His experience, skillsets and personality will be tremendous assets for Pinnacle Valet Services in providing dependable, quick and friendly service experiences.

— Fraser Abbott, Director of Business Development Hotel Arts Group